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2015 Spring Meeting of SEMI China HB-LED Standard Committee Undertaken by NJC was held in Nanjing

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 On April 10th  2015 Spring Meeting of SEMI China HB-LED standard committee was grand held in Sofitel Galaxy Nanjing. Meeting was sponsored by SEMI China and organized by LED highlight sapphire substrate manufacture——NJC.About 50 companies and more than 100 core committee members and expert representatives from scientific research institutions have attended the meetingQQ20160805-9@2x

SEMI(International Semiconductor Equipment Material Industry Association) is a global High-tech professional industry association and is devoted to the improvement of integral development of micro-electronics, Flat Panel Display and solar photovoltaic etc. industry supply chain. SEMI China HB-LED Standard Committee was founded in March 30th,2014 and with the purpose of issuing related rule and guideline through multi part negotiation.

 The organizer of the meeting,subsidiary of NGC——NJC is a core member of SEMI China HB-LED Standard Committee.NJC has vertically integrated the manufacturing of sapphire crystal ingot,crystal bar,chip,and patterned substrate.NJC owns the core technical competence and integrated solution for sapphire from crystal growing to cut, polishing etc.Main business include: 2 inches,4 inches, 6 inches sapphire substrate, PSS patterned substrate and other important LED substrate materials.NJC has stand out during the selection of “2012 Golden Globe Award of GGLB——Annual Good LED product”and entered the top three among 67 substrate manufactures stand for selection.

 The meeting has included the progress of “HB-LED Sapphire Material Specification”,“HB-LED Substrate Sapphire ingot Specification”“Inspection method of the defects on the surface of HB-LED epitaxial wafer”and related contents were discussed.SNARF—— directional test method of single crystal has also been reviewed and discussed.Special report about “Research of Chemical cleaning and plasma etching of LED sapphire single crystal”was listened to.c.


After meeting, with the accompany of NJC Deputy General Manager Songsen Zheng, participants have visited the equipments for the slicing,polishing,cleaning of LED crystal bar and PSS manufacturing. Specialists and representatives have shown keen interest on the clean and tidy work site,strong  equipment force and high quality LED products of NJC.(Hongru Qian)


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