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NJC Exhibited Great Ambition, Beauties Composed Elegant Demeanour

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With the coming of the 94th Women’s Day of China, Labor Union of Nanjing J-crystal Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as “NJC”) has organized a fun activity with theme of “NJC Exhibited Great Ambition, Beauties Composed Elegant Demeanour” under the support of executive directors.

  The activity was performed in the forms of group games and individual games. First of all, various kinds of fruit teams (include banana team, orange team, juicy peach team, grape team, strawberry team, kiwi fruit team, apple team etc.) were divided through the way of draw lots and will take part in five team games. Team games include Dragon boat on dry land, Kangaroos carry melon, Big wars between twist bikes, Cash rolling, Drum thunder and individual games include Angry birds, Machine gun blasting balls, Rope skipping on shiatsu plate, Mini golf, Happy shaking. Finally, First Prize, Second Prize, Third Prize and Participate Prize for team games and individual games were respectively selected through the shortest time used for team games and highest scores of team games.

 Nowadays, the same as males, females are also undertaking the important social responsibilities and the more responsibility, the more pressure. The females who hold up the “half of the sky” of the society need more respect, concern and motivation than males. NJC has always treated the consideration for the staff’s physical and psychological health as an important project to enhance the cohesive force in enterprise and the “viscidity” of talents. This activity has transmitted much more joy and friendship to women staff and aroused their enthusiasm for working. It has enriched the women staff’s spiritual life and spare life, strengthened their team awareness as well as brought them a passionate, joyful and meaning festival.

 Labor Union of NJC

                                                                                                    March 15th,2017


Team game “Dragon boat on dry land”, 8 players for each team and in a row with two legs across on the boat, two hands straining the fixed rope on boat and trotting together with the dragon boat, looks more like riding a horse. 


“Traffic Collision” occurred when two teams played “Big wars between twist bikes”


After dressed on Kangaroo clothes, besides jumping high and far, keeping balance is also quite necessary.


Two teams were racing to carry balloon to the end point.


                Getting ready at the starting point

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