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Passing Love,Reflecting Responsibility——NJC Organizes Staff for Non-remunerated Blood

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 Summer is the peak season for medical blood. Unfortunately, in the afternoon of June 23rd, part of the villages and towns of Funing County and Sheyang County, Yancheng City,Jiangsu Province have  suffer the calamity of tornado and hail, serious casualties and losses have caused shortage of medical blood. When disaster struck,help came from all sides.In order to carry forward the humanism spirit of saving the wounded and guarantee the supply of blood, NJC has responded to the call of Nanjing economic and technological development zone and Municipal blood donation office,carried out the publicity of non-remunerated blood donation in company and encouraged more employees to participate.


  Staff from General Manger Office,PW Manufacturing Department,PSS Manufacturing Department and Optics Engineering Department have responded positively. Among them, it is the second time for Fu Zhao,Guoqiao Jiang,Xue Xu,Ming Li,Rui Ye,Yinchuan Chen to take part. Although it is the first time for Haiting Xu and Ping Zhao to attend, they are also positive and brave.

   Just as sing in the song”As long as everyone give a little love , the world will become a better human”.The staff of NJC are compose a song of love by this kind of unselfish dedication. 


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