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Sapphire fingerprint identification cover plate


Specification: Made according to customer’s requirement

Product introduction: Sapphire fingerprint identification cover plate

 is now used in the fingerprint protect glass for high-end mobile phones. The properties of sapphire have been made full use to increase the protection of fingerprint identification and highlight the hardness characteristic of sapphire.

Main technical parameters:

1.Contact angle of waterproof membrane≥110°;

2.Diameter tolerance±0.02mm;

3.Smudginess ≤0.25mm;

4.Environmental reliability

a.High temperature test(+85℃)72h

b.Low temperature test(-40℃)72h

c.High temperature and humidity (60℃,95%RH)72h

d.Thermal shock test(-40℃,85℃ each for 2.5 hours)10 circulations

e.Steel wool testing (0000#,1kgf load,40cycle/min,40mm) 2000 circulations

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