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Sapphire panel of mobile phone


Specification: Made according to customer’s requirement

Product introduction: Sapphire cover of mobile phone and its material are scratch and corrosion resistance. It has favorable transmittance in visible wavelengths and infrared band. Compared with glass panel, it has larger compressive strength and scratch resistance. Besides, it can increase the touch sensitivity of mobile phone.

Main technical parameters:

  1. 1.Contact angle of waterproof membrane≥110°;
  2. 2.Strength characteristics: Steel ball with the weight of 130g shocks 9 points form the height of 20cm and no any fracture; bending strength≥700Mpa

3. Environmental reliability

a.High temperature test(+85℃)240h

b.Low temperature test(-40℃)240h

c.High temperature and humidity (70℃,90%RH)240h

d.Thermal shock test(-40℃,85℃ each for 0.5 hours)100 circulations

e.Steel wool testing (0000#,1kgf load,40cycle/min,40mm) 1500 circulations


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