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Small LED street light



Product Introduction: Moonlight series street light is composed by serial module, sectional material, pressure cast electrical pocket and power. It is with concise style and differs from the normal flattening design.It is of high industrial design feeling. This product has the characteristics of high lighting efficiency, maintenance-free, low lumens depreciation and fast heat dissipation. It is the best choice for energy efficient lighting of street.

Product advantages:

1.Streamlined appearance and has the function of self-cleaning.

2.Light transmittance of spreadlight lens manufactured by imported optical PC material is more than 93%.

3.SMC composite material is used for housing and is of high mechanical strength,light weight,corrosion resistance,high dielectric strength and inflaming retarding etc.

4.Light source is of modular design and stack effect method is used for heat dissipation.Product is of small volume and high heat dissipation efficient.

5.Wide range input realizes different voltage request,high power factor,superior performance and more energy saving.

6.Convenient for installation and maintenance.Light can be installed without opening the back cover.

Application: Municipal lighting

Main technical parameters:

1.Brand of light source:LG/Luxeon T/OSRAM;

2.Color temperature:3000K/4000K/5700K;

3.Luminous efficiency and Ra:Luminous efficiency≥85Lm/W(3000K),95Lm/W(4000K),100Lm/W(5700K)


4.Irritation angle:C0 150°/C90 80°

5.Input Voltage:200-240Vac

6.Power factor:more than 95%.

7.Level of protection:IP67

8.Working temperature:-40℃-+50℃

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