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Recruiting Position: SQE Engineer 

1. In charge of daily audit of supplier of cutting, polishing and PSS material.

2. In charge of the tracing and improvement of abnormal raw material and consumable and tutoring of prevention and correction.

3. In charge of confirmation of the outsourcing processing quality of optics products and touring of the improvement.

4. In charge of the maintenance of evaluation mechanism of suppliers and give grade to suppliers according to their annual performance.

Major Requirement:

1. No major requirement, Specific colleague course or above, with working experience of 1~3 years.
2.The ones who are able for frequent traveling and with strong responsibility and related SQE working experience are prefered.
Contact Information:

Please get contact with us if any question during the recruitment:

Telephone: 025-85789211-853

Position: operator
Number: 58
Job requirements:
1, the body bang bang - Boys
2. Working experience in electronic factory is preferred
4500+ performance (your performance, you call the shots!)
Fringe benefits:
1, five social insurance and one housing fund.
2, year award
3, free dormitory, work meals, shuttle bus
4, holiday benefits, birthday benefits, regular activities, physical examination
Work time: 12 hours shifts early 8:30- late 8:30 late 8:30- early 8:30, two days off work for four days
Working location: No. 58, Heng Guang road, Nanjing economic and Technological Development Zone
Contact information:
If you have any questions during your application, please contact us:
Telephone: 025-85789211-853

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